Amy Hamblin: Milagro

One of our regular exhibitors, Amy Hamblin, has some new interesting work we wanted to share with you. She’s been making these lovely copper Milagros. I especially love her Milagro Wall!

milagro collage 3

Amy has written an artist statement and some information about milagros. I’ll let you read her words!

Artist Statement

For decades, my artwork has featured organic and scientific imagery that runs the gamut of realistic to abstracted and surrealistic. Since an anatomy class in Art College years ago, I saw lovely orbs and arcs and bulbous masses and spindly lengths and fascinating articulations, where others saw “Bone” and “Tissue” and “Organ”. My artworks revel in the beauty of nature, and try to encourage others to see the natural world around the, and within them, in a new and appreciative way.

For decades I have collected Milagros from around the world, although they are most often found in Latin countries. I have always loved the way Milagros are imbued with nearly magical significance to act as proxy for the fondest and most dire wishes we have for health, love, safety, cure and success.

Amy Hamblin Milagro

About Milagros

  • Milagros are traditional folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in many parts of the world. In Spanish, the word “milagro” literally means miracle or surprise.
  • Milagros traditionally have been worn or pinned to a wall, and are used to symbolize or refer to a particular need, or in gratitude for a request answered.
  • They are used to assist in focusing attention towards a specific ailment or need, based on the type of charm used. Milagro symbolism is not universal; rather individuals may attach their own meaning. For example, a leg milagro may pertain to leg health, travel, or athletic performance. Similarly, a heart may represent ideas as diverse as a heart condition, a romance or other relationships. Milagros are also carried for protection and good luck.

I make each piece by hand in my Seattle studio, using hammers, saws and files. I manipulate all my materials to their extremes, whether glass, wood, or metal, so the resulting artworks have the surprising organic plasticity of clay.

milagro 3

About the Artist

Amy Hamblin is a studio sculptor and jeweler who has shown nationally and in Japan. She works in a variety of materials including metal, glass, fiber, jewelry, and multi media. Her work is inspired by organic nature, anatomy and botany.

milagro wall 2

milagro wall 1

milagro collage 2

You can see some of Amy’s work here in the Danaca Design Gallery. And you can find much more on her website:

Amy’s work will also be featured in a Studio Sale as part of Seattle Sampling, the weekend of Dec 6-8.


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