Fantastic Fold Forming!

Fold Form

Fold Forming is a relatively new technique, developed by Charles Lewton-Brain. In his book Foldforming he writes about the educational environment in West Germany in the 1950’s – 1970’s that led to experimentation becoming a valuable part of the learning process for young and relatively inexperienced students trying to work in metal. He goes on to write about his graduate school experience in the 1980’s where the fold forming technique we see today really came together. Interesting stuff! His book goes over many different folds and tools, and has a bunch of great photos. If you’re interested, you can pick up a copy of this book in our Mercantile Shop. 

In this this upcoming (really soon!) class you can learn about Fold Forming from a great local instructor. 

Fantastic Fold Forming!
Instructor: Bill Dawson
April 6, Sunday, 10:30 – 5:00
Class Fee: $95 | Basic materials included

Fold forming is an exciting technique wherein sheet metal is manipulated and hammered to create fabulously textured, 3-dimensional, organic forms. This is a relatively quick process, so students will have the opportunity to create a variety of basic forms as well as explore interrupted folds, texturing fold forms, and fold forming 3-D forms. Students will cut, file, and practice annealing metal as well as develop a fundamental understanding of how to use a jeweler’s hammer. This workshop is appropriate for beginners, however experienced jewelry artists will find it very exciting as well.   Materials included. Copper for a variety of samples will be provided. If students wish to work in silver, 24g sheet is ideal.

Fold Form copper round

Fold Form copper flower

Later this quarter, in June, Bill will also be teaching Anticlastic Forming. If you’re interested in developing your skills further, these classes go very well together!
Please see the schedule for dates and hours. The class description can be found here.

To register for either or both of these classes, please call the shop at 206-524-0916. We’re here 11-6 Tuesday-Friday and 10-6 Saturday. 


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