Total Immersion-One Week Intensives

Danaca Design is a studio with a mission—to teach you how to make jewelry (of course) but beyond that the aim is to give you the opportunity to be productive and creative at your comfort level, to help you hone skills and gain new abilities, so you can stretch, grow and experience achievement. One of the most exciting and effective ways to do this is in a week-long intensive, otherwise known around here as Total Immersion.

In a week-long intensive students are presented with specific projects while being encouraged to explore their own design ideas.

In Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making students start with a sawed and hammered copper brooch and a sterling silver pendant incorporating a bezel set stone. As the week continues, students build on their new knowledge to create personalized designs using a wide variety of techniques and tools. Total Immersion: Intermediate Jewelry opens with a not-so-simple pill box. This workshop is really about refining basic skills to achieve more technical projects including hinges and faceted stone setting.

Intermediate Total Immersion Projects

In the community formed by a week-long intensive, students are encouraged to share ideas and problem solve together during class. The group dynamic brings a broad range of perspectives and experiences, opening up a wide variety of possibilities for construction and design.

Kids Camp Project in Process

Looking for a great activity for your child this month? Instructor Tegan Wallace will be leading students ages 8-12 into total immersion in a challenging age-appropriate jewelry summer camp. In this fun and empowering week, children explore wear-ability, fundamentals of color theory, and composition within the context of jewelry making. Students practice a wide variety of “fire-free” jewelry techniques, including bead stringing, metal cutting and forming, wire work, and basic rivets. Like the adult jewelry intensive, this camp encourages collaboration, allowing students to see how others work and design. Students leave class with a collection of jewelry they’ll be proud to wear or gift (never too early to start thinking about winter holidays!). In addition, the techniques they learn at camp can be done at home, and Tegan will provide information on how to set up an at-home work space.

Give yourself or your child the opportunity to dive into a Total Immersion workshop this summer!

Kids Jewelry Camp in Session

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