Summer Class Highlights

Summer is here and so is the new summer schedule at Danaca Design! We’ve got a full spectrum of classes on the schedule this summer with something for beginners to more advanced students. You can even turn your kids on to metal in our Jewelry Summer Camp for Kids (July 18-22, 9-2)! Here are just a few highlights on our summer schedule but stop by our website to find out more details on all of our classes:

Beginner Classes

Real beginners might consider learning to make a Basic Band Ring (July 9, 10-4) or Rivets (August 20, 10-4). Or if you really want to dive in spend a week learning the fundamentals of metalsmithing in our Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making class:


BEGI 2009 Summer Intensive Kristi

Pendant made in Summer Intensive by Kristi

Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making (July 11-15, 10:30-5)

The Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making is the equivalent to taking all three of our Beginning Jewelry Making series workshops. Learn the fundamentals of working with precious metal: sawing, disc cutting and dapping, hammer texturing, roll printing, basic forming and finishing, as well as bezel setting stones. In this beginning silversmithing class students will make individualized jewelry pieces including a pin, pendent, ring and a simple linked project. Each night you’ll go home dreaming of what to create the next day, designing in your sleep. This class is an ideal opportunity to explore a range of techniques, in a condensed time, while creating several projects.


Beginning and Intermediate Classes

Beginning and intermediate students can pick-up new skills like Gravity Casting (August 3 & 10, 6:30-9), Anticlastic Forming (July 29-31, 10:30-5), Filigree (September 18-19, 10:30-5) or Chasing and Repousse with Nancy Megan Corwin (August 5-7, 10-5). Or explore new processes such as:

Flora II by Cynthia Toop

Flora II by Cynthia Toop

Cynthia Toops’ Seven Bead Bracelet (September 24-25, 10:00-5)

Explore the wide variety of possibilities in polymer clay for jewelry while focusing on seven unusual beads for a comprehensive sampler bracelet. In this intensive weekend workshop students will investigate various bead shapes, explore hollow and foil cores, surface decoration with simple and complex canes, as well as carving, drawing, onlay, mokumegane and mosaic work. Cynthia is masterful with polymer clay, bringing a creative edge to everything she does. 

Charles Lewton Brain’s Patination of Metals workshop (Aug 26, 9-5)

Patina is the final touch, the icing on the cake, the surface that sets one apart from the crowd; it can add both depth and texture transforming our metal, often unpredictably, into an unimaginably beautiful thing. On metal, patina refers to a thin coating of various chemical compounds such as oxides or sulfates formed on the surface during exposure to atmospheric elements, a common example is rust or the warm brown color of the penny in your pocket. Charles will present safe, easy patination methods for metals that involve easily obtainable (think kitchen chemicals) to produce a wide range of blues, greens, browns, blacks, greys and reddish tones on most metals including precious. Application methods and control of pattern and surface will be described and addressed as a compositional system.


Advanced Classes

Experienced students can build skills in Stacking Rings with Gemstones (July 23, 10-4), Unique Settings for Stones and Found Objects (September 10-11, 10-5), Advanced Wax Working (September 21,28, October 5,12,19, November 2, 6:30-9:30) or try your hand at enameling on steel:



Enameling on steel with Melissa Cameron

Enameling Recycled Steel (July 16-17, 9-2) with Melissa Cameron. 

Are there bits of magnetic metal in your studio that you’ve tucked away, swearing that one day you’ll clean them up to make a masterpiece? Enameling is a great way to protect jewelry made from mild steel and is so easy to master. Bring your rusty recycled bits and bobs to Danaca Design in Seattle to learn the skills to turn these into beautiful and unique jewels. Some jewelry making and enameling experience helpful.


For full class descriptions, prices, and material lists visit our website:

To register give us a call at 206-524-0916 or stop by our location at

5619 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Kids Jewelry Summer Camp

Jewelry Summer Camp for Kids 8-12

July 18 – 22, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 2:00pm

Class Fee: $300 | Materials included

School is just getting out but are you still looking for things for the kids to do this summer vacation? Sign them up for our Kids Jewelry Summer Camp!

Created for kids 8-12 this week long camp teaches a variety of jewelry making techniques such as wire working, texturing, stamping, bead making, and riveting metal.


Hydraulic press die in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Last year it was really fun to watch the kids explore a variety of jewelry techniques. They were so proud to make there own jewelry to take home each day. One of the favorite activities what learning how to use the hydraulic press to “puff” metal into a variety of shapes.

Student work, broken heart sculpture

Student work, broken heart sculpture

The class is taught by local jewelry artist Tegan Wallace. Tegan has been teaching jewelry making at the elementary and middle school level for several years. Not only are the kiddos going to be learning a variety of jewelry skills but Tegan will also explore the fundamentals of composition and color theory. A variety of materials will be used from Shrinky Dinks, polymer clay, and seed beads to  brass & copper wire and sheet metal. Simple hand tools will be explored such as hammers, texture stamps, pliers, and more.

Kids wirework and beads

Kids wirework and beads

All supplies and materials are included in this camp and each day the kids will create a variety of jewelry that they can wear proudly or give as gifts to family and friends. Jewelry making is also a great way for the younger kids to build hand-eye coordination and dexterity that doesn’t involve a video game.

Want to register? Give us a call at 206-524-0916 to register by phone or stop by our studio at 5619 University Way Ne, Seattle, WA We are open Monday – Friday: 11-6 and Saturday: 10-6

Want to learn more about our studio? Check out our website

Decorative Metal Inlay: What is it?

Introduction to Decorative Metal Inlay

June 17-19, Friday – Sunday, 10:30 am-5:00 pm

Class Fee: $350 | Materials Fee: $10 payable to instructor, specialized tools available for purchase

This axe head has an elaborate example of metal inlay to create the design

This axe head has an elaborate example of metal inlay used to create the design

June 17 – 19, Friday – Sunday Bill Dawson will be teaching Introduction to Metal Inlay at Danaca Design. But what is metal inlay? I asked Bill to give us a brief history of the technique and he was very generous with his information. Here is what Bill had to say:

3600 year old metal inlay disc

“Precious metal inlay techniques are quite ancient, with early examples dating from the Bronze Age, and becoming rather popular with the introduction of iron working and gold refining around 2600-2500 ybp.  A beautiful early example is the 3600 year old bronze disc shown here.  The sun, moon, important stars, and the sunrise and set horizons are all marked in gold inlay.  Many experts believe it to have been an instrument for making corrections to the calendar from astronomical observations, but others think it may have been used for far more complex calculations.  

Vase by Kazuo Kashima

Basically, inlay work involves mechanically attaching a soft metal like gold or silver to a harder and contrasting metal like bronze or iron.  Typically this is done in one of two basic ways:  For field or line inlay, some of the base metal is cut away to make room for the inlay, and the edges of the hollow or channel is undercut so that when the inlay is driven in it forms a dovetail.  That is the channel is wider at the bottom, and the soft metal fills the space and can’t come out.  Alternately a file tooth pattern can be cut on the base metal, and when the softer inlay metal is driven down the teeth grip like Velcro  This has the advantage of allowing for the inlay of very thin foil.  Base metals are usually chosen to either contrast with the color of the inlay,or to take a differential patina.  Artists in Japan use this to great effect, as with the vase pictured here by Kazuo Kashima.  

Example of foil inlay by Bill Dawson

In the workshop at Danaca we will consider and compare Eastern and Western approaches to these techniques, and make many practice samples.  These will include dot inlay, line inlay, and inlayed foils.  One of the great advantages to foil inlay, called “Damisquino de Oro” in Spain, and “Nunome Zogan”,in Japan, is that you can cut the tooth in patterns that show through the foil, and add to the design.  In fact Nunome Zogan means cloth textured inlay.  I have used this visible texture in the leaves in the disc brooch here.”


Thanks Bill! We appreciate the information and look forward to your workshop.
If you would like to find out more information about the Intro to Metal Inlay class click here or to register call us at 206-524-0916

Danica Design is a jewelry and small-scale metal working facility located in the University District of Seattle. Learn more about us and view our full schedule at 

THANK YOU! For a Great HOUSE RULES! Show and Fundraiser

Raffle necklace and ticket box ready to find a winner!

Raffle necklace and ticket box ready to find a winner!

A BIG THANK YOU From the Danaca Design to everyone who made the HOUSE RULES! show and scholarship fundraiser a big, BIG success!!

All sorts of goodies were at the silent auction.

All sorts of goodies were at the silent auction.


So much yummy food from Bodrum Bistro

So much yummy food from Bodrum Bistro

May 7, Danaca Design hosted a show and fundraiser to support our youth jewelry scholarship. The Danaca crew created a collaborative necklace that was raffled along with hosting a silent auction during the show. Not only was it a great evening but we ended up raising $1807.00 for our scholarship fund!!! Great job everyone!

Checking out the treasure box goodies they won in the silent auction.

Checking out the treasure box goodies from the silent auction.


Thanks Jennifer and Drew for all your help!

Thanks Jennifer and Drew for all your help!

Thank you very much to the artists who participated in the collaborative necklace:

Tegan Wallace, Juan Reyes, Tory Herford, Jennifer Forland, Erika Laureano, Nancy Hom, Jane Drucker, Lexi Lee, April Keroack, Kristen Hummel, Allan Thorpe, and Dana Cassara

We would also like to extend a big, big thank you to Nancy Hom. Nancy was the behind the scenes person running this event. From emailing everyone, creating the event postcard, wrangling artists, running the silent auction and so much more. Not only that but she always had a smile on her face too. Thank you very, very much Nancy! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Nancy Hom with previous scholarship recipient Michael Joers.

Nancy Hom with previous scholarship recipient Michael Joers.


Even dogs got in on the action. What did you bid on Gerty?

Even dogs got in on the action. What did you bid on Gerty?

The next deadline for applying to Danaca Design’s Jewelry Art Stimulus Scholarship is Sept 1, 2016. The scholarship was created by artists at Danaca Design to provide young students access to experience the magic of metal arts frequently unavailable otherwise. Matriculated students ages 16-24 who are actively enrolled in a high school or post-secondary institution in Washington State are encouraged to apply.

For more information on the scholarship, application, and how to apply go to: Danaca Design Art Jewelry Scholarship

Thanks Dana for hosting a wonderful event!!

Thanks Dana for hosting a wonderful event!!



Example of Keum-boo (Sapphire Pendant by Carolina Anderson)

Example of Keum-boo
(Sapphire Pendant by Carolina Anderson)


Workshop: Keum-boo: Surface Treatment with Gold

April 9, Saturday, 10:30am – 5:00pm

Class Fee:$75 | Materials fee: $35 paid to instructor

Click here for details on how to register


Keum-boo (also Kum-Boo or Kum-bu) is a Korean technique of attaching very, very thin sheets of gold to silver or other metals for decorative purposes. Not only does this allow you to create some interesting surface details but is a fairly inexpensive way to start adding gold to your jewelry pieces. You can get the effect of gold without having to cast or laminate different metals together.

Pendant with Flower Pattern

Pendant with Flower Pattern

When working on silver the surface first needs to be depleted. This is a method of heating and pickling your silver several times in order to create a fine silver finish on the surface of your metal.

agate burnishers can come in a variety of shapes

agate burnishers can come in a variety of shapes

Once you add the gold foil to your silver the piece needs to be heated. An inexpensive way to do this is by using a hotplate. You just place your silver object on top of the hot plate to heat. 

When the piece gets to about 500 – 700 degrees Fahrenheit the gold begins to “relax”. At this point you are able to burnish the gold into the silver with an agate burnisher.

Zebra Cuff with Citrine

Zebra Cuff with Citrine by Carolina Andersson

The result is that the gold is permanently fused to the silver.

Ready to try it yourself now? Give us a call at 206-524-0916 to register or stop by our location to register in person:

5619 University Way NE, Seattle WA 980105

Danaca Design’s Metal Crafting Center is a jewelry and small-scale metal working studio located in the University District of Seattle. We offer classes for individuals seeking to gain skills in the art of decorative metal working and jewelry design.

Powder Coating Jewelry

Powder Coat 6

WORKSHOP:Toaster Powder Coating with Rachel Shimpock

April 2 &3, Saturday-Sunday, 10:30am-5:00pm

Class Fee: $325, materials included

Click Here for Registration Info


You may have heard the term “powder coating” metal but do you know what it is? Powder coating is a dry powder that is heated at a low temperature to adhere and form a skin. Usually the powder is a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer that is applied electrostatically. 
Powder Coat 1

Many household items are powder coated: appliances, light fixtures, car parts. It is commonly used in industry for its uniform appearance and durability. Though it is also a great way for jewelers to add color and even texture to their work. For production jewelry it is ideal because several pieces can be cured at one time. 

Large items like that are powder coated using a spray booth and static charge to get the powder to “stick” to the surface. Though you can also sift the dry powder onto a surface similar to applying enamels. 

Powder Coat 7

Once the powder has been applied it can be heated in a toaster oven to cure and flow. Do not use a toaster oven that you also use for food. 

Some benefits to powder coated surfaces are:

  • uniform and durable finish
  • many colors and finishes to choose from
  • quick application and cure time
  • low curing temperatures
  • does not need any solvents or chemicals

Powder Coat 8

Once heated and cooled the powder turns into a smooth “skin” like coating that is permanently attached to the surface. Unlike enamel the curing temperatures are low enough that powder coating can be applied to more than just metal. Wood and some organic items can also be powder coated. Anything that can withstand a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit can be powder coated.

Powder Coat 2

Want to register for our Toaster Powder Coating workshop? Call us at 206-524-0916 to register by phone

Danaca Design is located at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Annual Tool and Supply Swap Meet


Our annual jewelry tool and supply swap meet is almost here! Next Saturday, March 12, 10am-1pm come join us as we clear out some old tools and snag some deals on new ones.

A few of our vendors have been sending us some preview pictures of the tools and supplies they are planning on bringing. It already looks like this will be a great meet.



One of our vendors is looking to sell her enamel set up. Look at all these luscious colors that will be for sale! I love that they come with swatches already made up…what a bonus!


Anyone looking for a torch? This appears to be a complete setup for an acetylene/air torch. 


I spy with my little eye….lots and lots of tools! 


Need a buffing wheel?

You will have to stop by the swap meet to see all these goodies and I can’t wait to see what else shows up on Saturday. There are always lots of great surprises to be found and the swap meet turns into a social gathering to boot. My suggestion is to come early but you can find great deals the whole day.

Danaca Design is located at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle WA. You can find plenty of street parking on our block and the surrounding neighborhood. We hope to see you on Saturday!

Mark Your Calendar

We have two special events coming up at Danaca Design:

Swap meet pic

Tool and Supply Swap Meet

Saturday, March 12, 10am-1pm

Come out for our annual tool and supply swap meet. A variety of vendors will be here with tools and supplies to swap or buy. It is always a great time! You don’t need to have tools of your own to swap…cash works too. Or maybe you will find a treasure on our free table. The swap meet is a great place if you are just getting started to find tools and supplies at great prices. 


House Rules! Show 

Saturday, May 7, 6pm-9pm

The House Rules! is an annual fundraising event highlighting the Danaca Design Studio “crew”. The “crew” is a widely varied group of artists who help out with administration and maintenance, studio monitors, and gallery attendants. We feature studio staff and members in the gallery, raffle a collaborative neckpiece and host a silent auction.

All raffle and auction money goes to fund the Danaca Design Jewelry Art Stimulus Fund, our scholarship program. 

Raffle tickets are only $5.00 and are available in the studio, from someone in the crew, or at the event!

This is a great opportunity to support the studio and its crew, get a gift for Mother’s day, support a student and maybe take home the grand prize, an outrageously cool necklace! Please join us to celebrate. We will have delicious treats from Bodrum Bistro in Wallingford.

See our website for more details about upcoming events, our studio, and our scholarship program. We hope to see you at an event soon!

Danaca Design is located at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle WA


Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Rings by Veronica Eckhart and Tony Baker

You have your date, made dinner reservations, now there is just one last item to prepare for the perfect Valentine’s day…the perfect gift! Luckily we have you covered: jewelry, tools, and gift certificates for classes…we have great ideas no matter what your sweetie loves.


OMG! It's Valentine's Day! Ring by Rachel DeNys

OMG! It’s Valentine’s Day!
Ring by Rachel DeNys

Rings make a wonderful gift and we have a wide selection from traditional bands to one of a kind designs. How do you figure out a ring size for a gift without asking and spoiling the surprise? If you can sneak and get one of your sweeties rings trace both the inside and outside diameter of the ring on a piece of paper. Bring the ring tracing with you when you shop and we can help you figure out the size.

But if rings aren’t what you are looking for we have a wide selection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings too!

Stacking Rings with Gemstone

Stacking Rings with Gemstone

But what if your sweetie isn’t as interested in getting jewelry as much as making jewelry? We offer beginner and intermediate jewelry classes such as our popular Beginning Intro: Rings and Stacking Rings With Gemstones classes. Our next Beginning Intro Rings class will be coming up in spring quarter, May 14-15, but we still have space available in our Stacking Rings with Gemstones class on March 26.

To see the rest of our class schedule go to and to register either stop by or call us at 206-524-0916

Gift Certificate

Our gift certificates are just as pretty as a present

Still not sure? We offer gift certificates in all denominations that can be used on any jewelry, classes, or supplies. Perfect!


Danaca Design is a jewelry and small-scale metal working facility located in the University District of Seattle. We offer a wide range of classes for individuals seeking to gain skill in the art of decorative metal work and jewelry making.

Find us at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle 98105

or online at

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

If you are like me you happened to look at your calendar today and noticed that Christmas is just 4 days away. And if you are like me you also realized that you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping either.

Well, we may not be able to help you find things for everyone on your list but we can at least help you find a great gift for the metalsmith on your list. 

Here are our top picks for gifts under $50:

Parallel Action Pliers ($35.95):


Parallel action pliers are the pliers every metalsmith needs to own whether they realize it or not. Made so that the jaws of the pliers remain parallel as they open and close which allows for a secure grip even under very firm pressure. The perfect tool for setting stones and working with wire but has so many more uses. 

Electric Torch Lighter ($29.95):


Anyone who works with a torch would be happy with this gift. Light the torch in a second without having to use a fiddly flint striker. Trust us this will be a hit. 

Ceramic Honeycomb Soldering Block ($8.95):


This lightweight block reflects heat and has little holes so you can add pins to hold your work in place while soldering. The holes also help dissipate heat quickly, which is useful for soldering small delicate items that you do not want to overheat. 

Still don’t know what to get…let them pick out exactly the right thing with a Danaca Design gift certificate. Either stop in our store to pick one up or call us to pay by credit card and we can mail it for you. Don’t forget to let them know that our tool and supply sale is going on until Dec 30th – 20% off!

Gift Certificate


Happy Holidays from all of us at Danaca Design!

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