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Making Jewelry with Wire

Jewelry Making Basics with Wire

Instructor: Jennifer Stenhouse
November 4-5, Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 – 5:00
Class Fee: $295| Basic materials included

Basic Bead and Wire Jewelry

Instructor Dana Cassara
December 15, Friday, 10:00 – 1:00
Class Fee:$75| Basic materials included

If you’ve looked at our fall class schedule (and if you haven’t you can at www.danacadesign.com) you may have noticed that we are offering two classes about making wire jewelry: Jewelry Making Basics with Wire and Basic Bead and Wire Jewelry. Both of these classes will get you on your way making your own jewelry designs but what’s the difference between them?

Basic Bead and Wire Jewelry is teaching the skills most people think off when you say “wire jewelry”. Basic wire wrapping to create linkage systems for earrings, necklaces, ear wires, and clasps. These linkage systems can be used to add beads and other items to necklaces and earrings or to even be links all by themselves. Ear wires and clasps mean you don’t have to buy them premade and can make them to fit the style and design that meets your creative needs. All of these techniques are cold connected meaning that no soldering is involved so all you need to get started are a few pliers, wire cutters, hammer, and bench block.

From the links to the toggle clasp all you need is some wire and solder know how!


The Jewelry Making Basics with Wire workshop is taking wire jewelry to the next level. In this class you will learn the essentials of soldering wire and making wire jewelry. So you can make your own chain and a variety of clasps and findings. But that’s not all you can do. Basic prong setting and some quick tricks for simple stacking rings are also covered in this class.  


Examples of prongs settings made with wire


Hopefully we’ve inspired you to start looking at wire in new ways. Now the real question is what are you going to make with wire?


To register for these or any of our other classes call us at 206-524-0916 or stop by our studio at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle

For  our complete fall schedule visit us at www.danacadesign.com


Beginning Series Workshops FAQ

The longest running class at Danaca Design is our Beginning Series Workshops. They have been on the roster since we first opened and are our most popular too. We get a lot of questions about what the Beginning Series Workshops cover so here is everything you need to know:

How many workshops are in the series?

Three: Introduction, Links and Hollow Construction for Jewelry, and Rings.

All three classes are the same as taking a 10 week comprehensive beginning class. We realize that not everyone can make that sort of commitment and so our series splits up this same amount of instruction into three, weekend long workshops.

They are all small classes (usually 10-12 students) so you get plenty of individual attention as well as being in a fun community environment.

What will I learn in each workshop?

The Introduction workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental aspects of silversmithing. You will learn to saw, file, texture, and form nonferrous metals like copper, brass, and silver. Students will develop a basic understanding of soldering and setting stones in bezels and will complete two pieces of jewelry.

In the Links and Hollow Construction for Jewelry workshop Learn soldering, or vastly improve your skills, while focusing on small hollow forms and linked elements. Students will be introduced to roll-printing, a technique for creating elaborate and organic textures in metal. You will create unique metal beads and learn some handy tricks for designing and soldering custom linked chains and clasps. Each person can expect to create at least one fabulous linked project.

The Rings workshop focuses on the basic construction of fabricated rings, with and without stones. Each student will construct a simple band ring as well as a ring with a bezel-set stone. Students gain new soldering skills and become familiar with some of the three-dimensional possibilities of metal. Leaving with a couple of rings is a delightful bonus.

Do you have to take them in a particular order?

No. Take them in any order you like. Each class teaches the basics of soldering and jewelry fabrication. However, because each class has a different focus you will learn a variety of techniques using these skills.

Do I have to bring my own tools or materials?

Not at all. All materials are covered in the price. Just bring yourself…and maybe a lunch.

How often do you offer the workshops?

One of the three beginning workshops are offered every month. Next month is the Rings workshop which is always very popular.

Where can I learn more about these workshops?

Our current class schedule and class descriptions are always available on the Danaca Design website: www.danacadesign.com or feel free to stop by to check out our studio and talk to us.


Now that you know all about our Beginning Series Workshops we hope to see you in one soon!