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July Classes

Summer is here and before you get too busy making vacation plans don’t forget to schedule some summer classes too. Play for a day in a one day “quickie” or spend a whole week in an immersion class. We also have kid jewelry camps too! Here is what is coming up in July but check out our full schedule online here 

Featured Classes in July:


Kids wirework and beads

Jewelry Summer Camp for Kids 8-12
July 17-21, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-2:00pm,

Class Fee: $300

Looking for a fun and artistic activity for your 3rd-6th grader this summer? Have them come spend a week making jewelry with us. These week long camps teach cool jewelry making techniques such as bead making, creative wire-working, metal texturing, stamping, and basic riveting! No experience necessary and return students welcome.

Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making
July 24-28, Monday-Friday, 10:00-5:00
Class Fee: $595|Basic materials included

Come spend a week taking a jewelry vacation! This class is all three of our beginning series workshops rolled into one. Each day you’ll go home dreaming about what to create the next day. Absolutely no experience needed.

One Day “Quickie” Classes:

Enamel earrings by Linnie Kendrick


Kiln Fire Enameling Basics I
July 8, Saturday, 10:30-5:00pm
Class Fee: $145|Basic materials included

Get a taste for the timeless beauty of colored glass on metal. Students will learn how to properly apply richly colored opaque enamels onto flat and domed sheet metal by both sifting and wet-laying. No experience necessary.

Soldering Essentials
July 9, Sunday 10:00-4:00pm
Class Fee: $95|Basic materials included

Whether you’ve had a soldering class, attempted to learn from a book, or never even tried, if you are looking to learn how to silver-solder or just get better at it, this class is for you. Expect lots of hands-on time at the soldering table and practice with different torches. No experience necessary.

Summer Don’t Miss Classes:

Melting scrap metal in preparation for pouring into the mold.

Low Tech Gravity Casting
July 12, 19, 26, Wed Evening, 6:30-9:00pm
Class Fee:$295|Basic materials included

Learn the fundamentals of casting by exploring the ancient technique of pouring molten metal directly into molds carved or formed from sand, soft stone, and other surprising materials. This process does not require any major equipment so it is easily reproduced in a home studio or in your back yard! No experience necessary.

Beautiful shapes can be created with fold forming techniques

Fantastic Fold Forming!
July 22-23, Saturday and Sunday, 10:30-5:00
Class Fee:$265|Basic materials included

Fold forming is an exciting technique wherein sheet metal is manipulated and hammered to create fabulously textured, 3-dimensional, organic forms. This is a quick porcess, so students will have the opportunity to create a variety of basic forms in this quick workshop. All levels.

PMC…create as you would with clay but once fired becomes all metal

Bronze Precious Metal Clay Basics
July 29-30, Saturday, 10:00-4:00pm
Class Fee: $95|Materials kit $30 payed to instructor

Striking jewelry can be made easily and inexpensively with Bronze Precious Metal Clay, bronze clay that when fired in a kiln results in pure metal! This workshop will focus on the basics of working with PMC Bronze however students might also explore components for earring and pendants. No experience necessary however intermediate level students encouraged.

Books for Every Metalsmith

Every now and again someone will ask which books we recommend to help the new metalsmith continue their education and be a good reference at the bench. These are the top four books that every metalsmith should own. 

They Complete Metalsmith Student Ed. by Tim McCreight

The Complete Metalsmith Student Ed. by Tim McCreight

The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight should be on every jewelry students work bench. Packed full of information on every aspect of metalsmithing without drowning you in details. Great for even experienced metalsmith as a quick reference book. Hardback with a spiral binding means it is durable enough to toss in your tool box and will lay flat making it easy to use while working.

Creative Stonesetting by John Cogswell

Creative Stonesetting by John Cogswell

 When you want to get past the basics of bezel setting and commercial mountings for faceted stones this book it for. This book explores how to understand and create unique setting at the bench for unusual gems. Any jeweler interested in making their own unique stone settings or wants to get a better understanding of stone setting should get this book.

Fold Forming by Charles Lewton-Brain

Fold Forming by Charles Lewton-Brain

More than 20 years ago Charles Lewton-Brain developed a new way develop forms in sheet metal. Since then many metalsmiths explored and expanded on his techniques. This book provides step by step instruction on this exploration and is good for metalsmiths of all skill levels. 

The Metalsmith's Book of Boxes & Lockets by Tim McCreight

The Metalsmith’s Book of Boxes & Lockets by Tim McCreight

At some point most metalsmiths need to know how to make hinges and clasps. Whether you want to make a locket, a hinged bracelet, or small box this book will give you all the information you could ever need. Geared toward the intermediate metalsmith with clear instruction and over 100 color photos in no time you will be creating your own boxes, hinges, and catches. 

These are just some of the books we carry at Danaca Design. Come see the complete collection at:

5619 University Way NE

Seattle, Washington. 

Fantastic Fold Forming!

Fold Form

Fold Forming is a relatively new technique, developed by Charles Lewton-Brain. In his book Foldforming he writes about the educational environment in West Germany in the 1950’s – 1970’s that led to experimentation becoming a valuable part of the learning process for young and relatively inexperienced students trying to work in metal. He goes on to write about his graduate school experience in the 1980’s where the fold forming technique we see today really came together. Interesting stuff! His book goes over many different folds and tools, and has a bunch of great photos. If you’re interested, you can pick up a copy of this book in our Mercantile Shop. 

In this this upcoming (really soon!) class you can learn about Fold Forming from a great local instructor. 

Fantastic Fold Forming!
Instructor: Bill Dawson
April 6, Sunday, 10:30 – 5:00
Class Fee: $95 | Basic materials included

Fold forming is an exciting technique wherein sheet metal is manipulated and hammered to create fabulously textured, 3-dimensional, organic forms. This is a relatively quick process, so students will have the opportunity to create a variety of basic forms as well as explore interrupted folds, texturing fold forms, and fold forming 3-D forms. Students will cut, file, and practice annealing metal as well as develop a fundamental understanding of how to use a jeweler’s hammer. This workshop is appropriate for beginners, however experienced jewelry artists will find it very exciting as well.   Materials included. Copper for a variety of samples will be provided. If students wish to work in silver, 24g sheet is ideal.

Fold Form copper round

Fold Form copper flower

Later this quarter, in June, Bill will also be teaching Anticlastic Forming. If you’re interested in developing your skills further, these classes go very well together!
Please see the schedule for dates and hours. The class description can be found here.

To register for either or both of these classes, please call the shop at 206-524-0916. We’re here 11-6 Tuesday-Friday and 10-6 Saturday. 


Fold forming – origami meets metal

Some truly fantastic shapes can be created with fold forming – hammering and annealing sheet metal into three-dimensional pieces. This metalsmithing technique hails from way back in the 1980s. Yes, that’s right; fold forming is only a couple of decades old. 

“Fold-forming is a technique of metalworking whereby metal is folded, repeatedly forged and annealed, and unfolded; at which stage it generally has a dramatic new three-dimensional form.” – wikipedia. 

 Think origami but with metal instead of paper. In fact, one artist, Wendy Edsall-Kerwin, has her students work out ideas using pieces of cardstock in her fold forming class.  Charles Lewton-Brain is credited with developing fold forming. The technique is considered one of a few major innovations in metalworking in thousands of years (except for the Industrial Revolution). 

Expand your repertoire and learn this technique in the upcoming class, Fantastic Fold Forming, taught by Bill Dawson February 26, 2011! 

Fold Forming by Charles Lewton-Brain, Brynmorgen Press 2008.


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