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Dive into Intermediate Jewelry!

Immersion INTER 2

Intermediate Student Work

Have you taken a beginning class here at Danaca Design? Or somewhere else?

Are you looking to dive in deeper, learn more and advance your skills?

We’ve got a great intermediate intensive class coming up at the beginning of August. Usually our beginning and intermediate classes run on the weekend, but over the summer we’ve been offering week long intensives. This class will run Monday-Friday, with the studio owner Dana Cassara.

Immersing yourself in the studio for several days in a row can be very rewarding, and creates opportunities you might not find in a weekend or once per week class.

Our Total Immersion: Beginning class earlier this month was a great success. The students got a lot done and seemed really excited about their new skills. Didn’t take the Total Immersion: Beginning class? No problem! You can still take the Intermediate Immersion class if you’ve had any beginning jewelry making class experience.   

Students from our previous Intermediate classes have made some pretty cool stuff. Check it out below.

Immersion INTER 5

Intermediate Student Work

Immersion INTER 4

Intermediate Student Work

Immersion INTER 1

Intermediate Student Work

Immersion INTER 3

Intermediate Student Work

Immersion INTER 6

Intermediate Student Work

Total Immersion: Intermediate Jewelry Making
Instructor: Dana Cassara
August 4-8, Monday – Friday, 5 weekdays, 10:30 – 5:00
Class Fee: $595 Basic materials included

What could be more fun than making jewelry for an entire week? Nothing! Join me on this five day journey aimed at increasing your confidence and knowledge at the jeweler’s bench. We will focus heavily on construction and soldering tricks as well as finishing techniques to create desired surfaces. A variety of stone setting options will be covered including tube, prongs, pedestal settings and captured settings. Basic hydraulic press forming for creating multiples and preserving textures, simple hinges, a variety of cold connections and clasp systems will also be presented. Students may choose to work through the design and completion of a complex piece of jewelry or create samples of each technique over the course of the week.

Immersion INTER 7

Intermediate Student Work

If you’re interested in signing up for the Total Immersion: Intermediate Jewelry Making class give us a call in the studio Tuesday-Friday 11-6, Saturday 10-6!




An entire week of jewelry making?!

We have a week long beginning jewelry making intensive coming up! This is a really great way to get started with metals and jewelry, or go on ‘vacation’. Well, a week in the studio sounds like vacation to me! The shop owner, Dana, will be teaching this one.

Immersion BEG 2

Immersion BEG 6

Immersion BEG 3

Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making
Instructor: Dana Cassara
July 7-11, Monday – Friday, 5 weekdays, 10:30-5:00
Class Fee: $595|Basic materials included

What could be more fun than spending a week totally immersed in learning to make jewelry? Absolutely nothing! Spend an exciting five straight days doing just that. Together we will tackle the fundamentals of learning to work with precious metal: sawing, disc cutting and dapping, hammer texturing, roll printing, basic forming and finishing, as well as bezel setting stones. In this beginning silversmithing class students will make individualized jewelry pieces including a pin, pendent, ring and a simple linked project. Each night you’ll go home dreaming of what to create the next day, designing in your sleep. This class is an ideal opportunity to explore a range of techniques, in a condensed time, while creating several projects. No experience necessary.

Immersion BEG 7

Immersion BEG 8

Immersion BEG  5

To register for this class you can stop in or call us at 206-524-0916, Tues-Fri 11-6 and Saturday 10-6.


Dana Cassara

Dana Cassara

Dana Cassara began practicing the art of silversmithing at North Seattle Community College in 1992. She discovered her love for the craft after returning to school to pursue a teaching degree with a focus in social studies. She graduated from the University of Washington in 1998 with a B.A. in Comparative History of Ideas as well as Interdisciplinary Arts, because she just couldn’t stay out of the art department. She has been teaching jewelry design since 1999 and loves what she does.

Her aim as an instructor is to guide individuals through the learning process offering solid technical information, personalized attention, and lots of fun. With the intention of setting students on the path towards transforming their ideas into solid form, she hopes students will take the experience they gain in this studio beyond the classroom into their everyday life where problem solving skills and a profound sense of achievement always come in handy!



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