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2017 Spring Schedule

Spring has sprung and it’s time to shake out the winter cobwebs and plant new seeds. How about planting some seeds of creativity while you are at it? This schedule has a few great opportunities for intermediate students as well as some really fun one day classes. What are you going to take this spring?


Guest Artist:

Necklace by Victoria Lansford

Russian Filigree with Victoria Lansford

June 23 – 25, 3 days, Friday – Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $675 | Basic materials included

We had so much fun when Victoria came to teach with us two years ago we just had to have her back. This time she’ll be teaching Russian Filigree. This style of filigree is tension fit and then soldered together. In this three day hands on class you will learn to make scalloped wire, a pendant, a ring, and begin a bead. This is a class you don’t want to miss!

Intermediate Classes:

Total Immersion: Intermediate Jewelry Making

Instructor: Dana Cassera
April 10 – 14, Monday – Friday, 5weekdays, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $595 | Basic materiala included

Have you already taken our Beginner Series and are looking for a new challenge? Come spend a week in our Total Immersion: Intermediate Jewelry Making workshop. In this five day workshop you will expand upon what you already know and focus on construction and soldering tricks as well as finishing techniques. You will also have the option to learn new stone settings including tube setting and prong setting. Learn about basic hydronic press forming, simple hinges, and creating your own clasp. This class will let you take your jewelry to the next level.

Necklace by Kirk Lang

Faceted Stone Setting Theory and Application: Fancy Stones

Instructor: Kirk Lang
May 6 and 7, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $265 | $95 Materials Fee Payable to Instructor

If you have taken our other Faceted Stone Setting workshop on setting round faceted stones (or have equivilent experience) then this is the next course. Kirk Lang will show you how to set a pear shaped, triangle, and princess cut stone. Prong, flush set, and thick bezel setting will all be covered. Finally learn how to set all those fancy stones you’ve been collecting but aren’t sure how to set.

One Day “Quikies”:

What would you commemorate with your spoon?

Let’s Make a Spoon!

Instructor: Bill Dawson
June 17, Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $145 | Basic materials included

Metalsmithing techniques aren’t just for making jewelry but has a long history in creating functional ware too. Take a day to make a baby, table, or commemorative spoon. A great introduction to silversmithing without having to take the time and expense of raising a large vessel. A great way to practice your forging skills too!

Andy Cooperman doing what he loves…talking about the flexshaft!

It Ain’t Just a Drill: Getting Most Out of Your Flexible Shaft

Instructor: Andy Cooperman
April 1, Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $135 | Tool kit available for purchase

Are you just using your flexshaft to drill, polish, and finish your pieces? Then you are missing out on all the other things this tool can do! Or if you haven’t bought your flex shaft yet but aren’t sure which brand to buy this class is also for you. Andy Cooperman will spend the day explaining how the flex shaft works and what to look for when buying one as well as some innovative tricks that you can try at home.

Brooch by Sarah Wilbanks

Image Transfer on Polymer Clay

Instructor: Sarah Wilbanks
April 29, Saturday, 10:30 – 3:30
Class Fee: $125 | Materials list
Class size limit: 8

If you are interested in incorporating photographs, texture or color into your work, image transfers on polymer clay is a fun and easy solution with infinite possibilities. Creating clear photographic transfers as well as altering the images to conjure unusual textures and rich color will be demonstrated.


That’s just a sample of what we have going on for the next three months. We have much more in going on too…go check out our website at www.danacadesign.com for our full schedule!

To register for classes call us at 206-524-0916
stop by our location at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle WA

Summer Class Highlights

Summer is here and so is the new summer schedule at Danaca Design! We’ve got a full spectrum of classes on the schedule this summer with something for beginners to more advanced students. You can even turn your kids on to metal in our Jewelry Summer Camp for Kids (July 18-22, 9-2)! Here are just a few highlights on our summer schedule but stop by our website to find out more details on all of our classes: www.danacadesign.com

Beginner Classes

Real beginners might consider learning to make a Basic Band Ring (July 9, 10-4) or Rivets (August 20, 10-4). Or if you really want to dive in spend a week learning the fundamentals of metalsmithing in our Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making class:


BEGI 2009 Summer Intensive Kristi

Pendant made in Summer Intensive by Kristi

Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making (July 11-15, 10:30-5)

The Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making is the equivalent to taking all three of our Beginning Jewelry Making series workshops. Learn the fundamentals of working with precious metal: sawing, disc cutting and dapping, hammer texturing, roll printing, basic forming and finishing, as well as bezel setting stones. In this beginning silversmithing class students will make individualized jewelry pieces including a pin, pendent, ring and a simple linked project. Each night you’ll go home dreaming of what to create the next day, designing in your sleep. This class is an ideal opportunity to explore a range of techniques, in a condensed time, while creating several projects.


Beginning and Intermediate Classes

Beginning and intermediate students can pick-up new skills like Gravity Casting (August 3 & 10, 6:30-9), Anticlastic Forming (July 29-31, 10:30-5), Filigree (September 18-19, 10:30-5) or Chasing and Repousse with Nancy Megan Corwin (August 5-7, 10-5). Or explore new processes such as:

Flora II by Cynthia Toop

Flora II by Cynthia Toop

Cynthia Toops’ Seven Bead Bracelet (September 24-25, 10:00-5)

Explore the wide variety of possibilities in polymer clay for jewelry while focusing on seven unusual beads for a comprehensive sampler bracelet. In this intensive weekend workshop students will investigate various bead shapes, explore hollow and foil cores, surface decoration with simple and complex canes, as well as carving, drawing, onlay, mokumegane and mosaic work. Cynthia is masterful with polymer clay, bringing a creative edge to everything she does. 

Charles Lewton Brain’s Patination of Metals workshop (Aug 26, 9-5)

Patina is the final touch, the icing on the cake, the surface that sets one apart from the crowd; it can add both depth and texture transforming our metal, often unpredictably, into an unimaginably beautiful thing. On metal, patina refers to a thin coating of various chemical compounds such as oxides or sulfates formed on the surface during exposure to atmospheric elements, a common example is rust or the warm brown color of the penny in your pocket. Charles will present safe, easy patination methods for metals that involve easily obtainable (think kitchen chemicals) to produce a wide range of blues, greens, browns, blacks, greys and reddish tones on most metals including precious. Application methods and control of pattern and surface will be described and addressed as a compositional system.


Advanced Classes

Experienced students can build skills in Stacking Rings with Gemstones (July 23, 10-4), Unique Settings for Stones and Found Objects (September 10-11, 10-5), Advanced Wax Working (September 21,28, October 5,12,19, November 2, 6:30-9:30) or try your hand at enameling on steel:



Enameling on steel with Melissa Cameron

Enameling Recycled Steel (July 16-17, 9-2) with Melissa Cameron. 

Are there bits of magnetic metal in your studio that you’ve tucked away, swearing that one day you’ll clean them up to make a masterpiece? Enameling is a great way to protect jewelry made from mild steel and is so easy to master. Bring your rusty recycled bits and bobs to Danaca Design in Seattle to learn the skills to turn these into beautiful and unique jewels. Some jewelry making and enameling experience helpful.


For full class descriptions, prices, and material lists visit our website: www.danacadesign.com

To register give us a call at 206-524-0916 or stop by our location at

5619 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Books for Every Metalsmith

Every now and again someone will ask which books we recommend to help the new metalsmith continue their education and be a good reference at the bench. These are the top four books that every metalsmith should own. 

They Complete Metalsmith Student Ed. by Tim McCreight

The Complete Metalsmith Student Ed. by Tim McCreight

The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight should be on every jewelry students work bench. Packed full of information on every aspect of metalsmithing without drowning you in details. Great for even experienced metalsmith as a quick reference book. Hardback with a spiral binding means it is durable enough to toss in your tool box and will lay flat making it easy to use while working.

Creative Stonesetting by John Cogswell

Creative Stonesetting by John Cogswell

 When you want to get past the basics of bezel setting and commercial mountings for faceted stones this book it for. This book explores how to understand and create unique setting at the bench for unusual gems. Any jeweler interested in making their own unique stone settings or wants to get a better understanding of stone setting should get this book.

Fold Forming by Charles Lewton-Brain

Fold Forming by Charles Lewton-Brain

More than 20 years ago Charles Lewton-Brain developed a new way develop forms in sheet metal. Since then many metalsmiths explored and expanded on his techniques. This book provides step by step instruction on this exploration and is good for metalsmiths of all skill levels. 

The Metalsmith's Book of Boxes & Lockets by Tim McCreight

The Metalsmith’s Book of Boxes & Lockets by Tim McCreight

At some point most metalsmiths need to know how to make hinges and clasps. Whether you want to make a locket, a hinged bracelet, or small box this book will give you all the information you could ever need. Geared toward the intermediate metalsmith with clear instruction and over 100 color photos in no time you will be creating your own boxes, hinges, and catches. 

These are just some of the books we carry at Danaca Design. Come see the complete collection at:

5619 University Way NE

Seattle, Washington. 

Dive into Intermediate Jewelry!

Immersion INTER 2

Intermediate Student Work

Have you taken a beginning class here at Danaca Design? Or somewhere else?

Are you looking to dive in deeper, learn more and advance your skills?

We’ve got a great intermediate intensive class coming up at the beginning of August. Usually our beginning and intermediate classes run on the weekend, but over the summer we’ve been offering week long intensives. This class will run Monday-Friday, with the studio owner Dana Cassara.

Immersing yourself in the studio for several days in a row can be very rewarding, and creates opportunities you might not find in a weekend or once per week class.

Our Total Immersion: Beginning class earlier this month was a great success. The students got a lot done and seemed really excited about their new skills. Didn’t take the Total Immersion: Beginning class? No problem! You can still take the Intermediate Immersion class if you’ve had any beginning jewelry making class experience.   

Students from our previous Intermediate classes have made some pretty cool stuff. Check it out below.

Immersion INTER 5

Intermediate Student Work

Immersion INTER 4

Intermediate Student Work

Immersion INTER 1

Intermediate Student Work

Immersion INTER 3

Intermediate Student Work

Immersion INTER 6

Intermediate Student Work

Total Immersion: Intermediate Jewelry Making
Instructor: Dana Cassara
August 4-8, Monday – Friday, 5 weekdays, 10:30 – 5:00
Class Fee: $595 Basic materials included

What could be more fun than making jewelry for an entire week? Nothing! Join me on this five day journey aimed at increasing your confidence and knowledge at the jeweler’s bench. We will focus heavily on construction and soldering tricks as well as finishing techniques to create desired surfaces. A variety of stone setting options will be covered including tube, prongs, pedestal settings and captured settings. Basic hydraulic press forming for creating multiples and preserving textures, simple hinges, a variety of cold connections and clasp systems will also be presented. Students may choose to work through the design and completion of a complex piece of jewelry or create samples of each technique over the course of the week.

Immersion INTER 7

Intermediate Student Work

If you’re interested in signing up for the Total Immersion: Intermediate Jewelry Making class give us a call in the studio Tuesday-Friday 11-6, Saturday 10-6!