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Pop-up show with Rachel Shimpock and Barbara Knuth

Rachel Shimpock will be teaching at Danaca Design, Sept 30 – Oct 1 and as a bonus she’s bringing her awesome jewelry and having a pop-up trunk show with Barbara Knuth!

We are sooo excited to see Rachel’s current collection. As usual the original “kitchensmith” has created a collection that highlights her sense of humor and kitsch to create jewelry that will certainly get some attention.

Barbara is debuting a new collection so come get the first chance to see (and own!) one of her newest pieces.

Not familiar with Barbara and Rachel? Read on for more info:

Rachel Shimpock

Rachel Shimpock

Rachel Kassia Shimpock is a California native raised in Orange County, Ca.She received her MFA in the Jewelry/Metalsmithing program at San Diego State University with Professors Helen Shirk and Sondra Sherman.

At age 11 she got separated from her parents in historical Williamsburg and wandered into a smithy where a blacksmith let her hit steel with a tiny sledge hammer, she’s been smitten ever since! Metal and the format of jewelry in particular speaks to her and for the last 12 years has allowed her to communicate personal stories and there are many! Rachel is carrying on the legacy of her family and her trade by teaching workshops and art classes utilizing any opportunity to spread the gospel of metals and jewelry!

Show off your love of chips and fries with jewelry by Rachel Shimpock. Personally I’m loving the french fry earrings

Barbara Knuth

Barbara Knuth

Barbara lives and works in Seattle and was the 2015 Seattle Metals Guild Emerging Artist award recipient. 

Barbara Knuth’s work contemplates the experience of the bereaved. After a loved one has passed, there is a longing for return; she feels an urge to ‘put things back’. Fueled by a need to reconcile with the past, she repairs and restores detached branches and cut sections of trees. Using the familiar bodily forms of a tree, Barbara creates sculpture and body adornment that act as memorials. Metal, wax, and salt are used in combination with the wood in efforts to preserve and salvage the items. Repetitive processes such as wrapping, stapling, and pinning are meditative and express a passing of time.


We love this new necklace from Barbara Knuth. Can’t wait to see the rest!




We can’t wait to see what both of these wonderful jewelry artists bring! Want even more time hanging out with Rachel while she is in town? There is still room in her powder coating class too!

Shake and Shoot: Powder Coating With or Without the Gun

September 30, October 1, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00

Class Fee: $325 | Materials included

Powdered Plastic that fuses into a glassy plastic surface in a home toaster oven? Yes, it can be done with or without the gun! Easy, quick and inexpensive powder coat is a fun way to add color to any surfaces that can tolerate a little heat like metal, wood or… If you love color this is another tool in your toolbox. Basic metalworking skills helpful but not necessary.

To register call us at 206-524-0916 or stop by the studio at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle WA


Powder Coating Jewelry

Powder Coat 6

WORKSHOP:Toaster Powder Coating with Rachel Shimpock

April 2 &3, Saturday-Sunday, 10:30am-5:00pm

Class Fee: $325, materials included

Click Here for Registration Info


You may have heard the term “powder coating” metal but do you know what it is? Powder coating is a dry powder that is heated at a low temperature to adhere and form a skin. Usually the powder is a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer that is applied electrostatically. 
Powder Coat 1

Many household items are powder coated: appliances, light fixtures, car parts. It is commonly used in industry for its uniform appearance and durability. Though it is also a great way for jewelers to add color and even texture to their work. For production jewelry it is ideal because several pieces can be cured at one time. 

Large items like that are powder coated using a spray booth and static charge to get the powder to “stick” to the surface. Though you can also sift the dry powder onto a surface similar to applying enamels. 

Powder Coat 7

Once the powder has been applied it can be heated in a toaster oven to cure and flow. Do not use a toaster oven that you also use for food. 

Some benefits to powder coated surfaces are:

  • uniform and durable finish
  • many colors and finishes to choose from
  • quick application and cure time
  • low curing temperatures
  • does not need any solvents or chemicals

Powder Coat 8

Once heated and cooled the powder turns into a smooth “skin” like coating that is permanently attached to the surface. Unlike enamel the curing temperatures are low enough that powder coating can be applied to more than just metal. Wood and some organic items can also be powder coated. Anything that can withstand a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit can be powder coated.

Powder Coat 2

Want to register for our Toaster Powder Coating workshop? Call us at 206-524-0916 to register by phone

Danaca Design is located at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105