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December Events at Danaca Design

The Holidays are Here; it’s Time to Celebrate!

Like every other jewelry seller December is a big month for us. But for us December is not just big, it’s really big, because in December we celebrate our anniversary. Since 2003 we’ve been hosting an awesome party in December. For nearly as long we’ve also hosted an annual Student/ Teacher Holiday Show, the entire month of December.

AND as it so happens the party and the reception for this show coalesce into a really fun evening! Come party with the artists, Friday, December 8th from 6-9pm. We’ll mix, mingle, eat, drink, show off, buy and sell! This is our biggest event of the year so put it on your calendar.

We try to do something fun and community focused for this event and this year is no different. This time around we are doing a donation drive for the Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project, a project of the Seattle Metals Guild.

This is the deal: dig up some unused, unwanted, slightly broken jewelry and put it into the donation basket and we’ll give you a 10% discount on your jewelry purchase through the end of the party! Give and take, that’s what it’s all about right? There are more details below about the Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project.*


If that is not enough, our Annual Tool and Supply Sale begins December 1st! Spend up to $100 on tools and supplies and receive 10% off, spend over $100 and get 20% off! Of course, exclusions apply, but not many. This sale runs for the entire month of December… plenty of time to get your wish list to Santa. Hint: tools are a great gift for jewelers.

Also, in case you haven’t thought of it, we also sell gift certificates so if you’re not sure what they want but know they will want something a gift certificate is perfect! And they are pretty too.

Find the perfect holiday gift and support a terrific community. How can you go wrong?

Here’s a recap with few other details:

Student/Teacher Holiday Show and Sale December 2–30, 2017

Highlighting jewelry by students and teachers


Anniversary Party and Student/Teacher Show Reception

December 8, Friday 6–9pm

Refreshments and tasty treats always served

Select tools and supplies 10%–20% off

The entire month of December! 


For your shopping convenience, we’ve extended hours December 1 –24:
Monday — Friday 11–7
Saturday 10–7
Sunday 12–5


Looking forward to seeing you soon!



*The Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project

The Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project solicits donations of any and all jewelry to sort, clean, repair, and give to Seattle-area women’s shelters and the YWCA Dress for Success Program. Members of the Seattle Metals Guild, and their friends, volunteer to do the sorting and cleaning.

Have a necklace that is collecting dust in your jewelry box or a pair of earrings that you just are not wearing anymore? The Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project will take it. All types and styles of jewelry are accepted, even if broken. There’s a nice write up about the project on our blog: http://www.danacadesign.com/blog/page/3/

Danaca Design is a donation site year round but for one night only you donate the old and get something new with a discount!

2017 Spring Schedule

Spring has sprung and it’s time to shake out the winter cobwebs and plant new seeds. How about planting some seeds of creativity while you are at it? This schedule has a few great opportunities for intermediate students as well as some really fun one day classes. What are you going to take this spring?


Guest Artist:

Necklace by Victoria Lansford

Russian Filigree with Victoria Lansford

June 23 – 25, 3 days, Friday – Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $675 | Basic materials included

We had so much fun when Victoria came to teach with us two years ago we just had to have her back. This time she’ll be teaching Russian Filigree. This style of filigree is tension fit and then soldered together. In this three day hands on class you will learn to make scalloped wire, a pendant, a ring, and begin a bead. This is a class you don’t want to miss!

Intermediate Classes:

Total Immersion: Intermediate Jewelry Making

Instructor: Dana Cassera
April 10 – 14, Monday – Friday, 5weekdays, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $595 | Basic materiala included

Have you already taken our Beginner Series and are looking for a new challenge? Come spend a week in our Total Immersion: Intermediate Jewelry Making workshop. In this five day workshop you will expand upon what you already know and focus on construction and soldering tricks as well as finishing techniques. You will also have the option to learn new stone settings including tube setting and prong setting. Learn about basic hydronic press forming, simple hinges, and creating your own clasp. This class will let you take your jewelry to the next level.

Necklace by Kirk Lang

Faceted Stone Setting Theory and Application: Fancy Stones

Instructor: Kirk Lang
May 6 and 7, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $265 | $95 Materials Fee Payable to Instructor

If you have taken our other Faceted Stone Setting workshop on setting round faceted stones (or have equivilent experience) then this is the next course. Kirk Lang will show you how to set a pear shaped, triangle, and princess cut stone. Prong, flush set, and thick bezel setting will all be covered. Finally learn how to set all those fancy stones you’ve been collecting but aren’t sure how to set.

One Day “Quikies”:

What would you commemorate with your spoon?

Let’s Make a Spoon!

Instructor: Bill Dawson
June 17, Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $145 | Basic materials included

Metalsmithing techniques aren’t just for making jewelry but has a long history in creating functional ware too. Take a day to make a baby, table, or commemorative spoon. A great introduction to silversmithing without having to take the time and expense of raising a large vessel. A great way to practice your forging skills too!

Andy Cooperman doing what he loves…talking about the flexshaft!

It Ain’t Just a Drill: Getting Most Out of Your Flexible Shaft

Instructor: Andy Cooperman
April 1, Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $135 | Tool kit available for purchase

Are you just using your flexshaft to drill, polish, and finish your pieces? Then you are missing out on all the other things this tool can do! Or if you haven’t bought your flex shaft yet but aren’t sure which brand to buy this class is also for you. Andy Cooperman will spend the day explaining how the flex shaft works and what to look for when buying one as well as some innovative tricks that you can try at home.

Brooch by Sarah Wilbanks

Image Transfer on Polymer Clay

Instructor: Sarah Wilbanks
April 29, Saturday, 10:30 – 3:30
Class Fee: $125 | Materials list
Class size limit: 8

If you are interested in incorporating photographs, texture or color into your work, image transfers on polymer clay is a fun and easy solution with infinite possibilities. Creating clear photographic transfers as well as altering the images to conjure unusual textures and rich color will be demonstrated.


That’s just a sample of what we have going on for the next three months. We have much more in going on too…go check out our website at www.danacadesign.com for our full schedule!

To register for classes call us at 206-524-0916
stop by our location at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle WA

New Year…New Classes!

Happy New Year!

As the new year unfolds we start looking ahead to see what we want to accomplish and what the year has to offer. Which is also an excellent time to see what new classes we have to offer at Danaca Design. Our winter schedule is out and we have a wide variety of classes this quarter from a week long intensive to one day “quickie” classes.

For you long range planners we also have two guest artists coming to teach in 2017 – Victoria Landsford and Deb Karash!

Here are some of the highlights but our whole schedule and more information can be found on our website www.danacadesign.com:

Student ring from this summer's Beginning Immersion class

Student ring from this summer’s Beginning Immersion class

Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making
January 16-20, Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm
Class Fee: $595|Basic Materials Included

Spend a week getting totally immersed in learning to make jewelry! This week long class is all three of our Beginners Jewelry Workshops rolled into one class. Each night you’ll go home dreaming of what you’ll create the next day, designing in your sleep! Absolutely no experience needed.

With cold connections you can add kinetic elements to your jewelry

With cold connections you can add kinetic elements to your jewelry

Cold Connections Beyond Rivets with Kirk Lang
January 28-29, Sat-Sun, 10:30am-5:00pm
Class Fee: $295|Basic Materials Included

Learn some new ways to join two pieces of metal together without soldering. This workshop will teach you how to create an exciting variety of rivets, use micro tap and dies to create custom nuts and bolts, and utilize small tabs to fold over and attach one piece of metal to another. Learn to marry form and function while designing a piece of jewelry or other articulated object with these techniques. Basic jewelry making skills helpful, soldering not necessary.

Micro mosaic by Cynthia Toops

Micro mosaic by Cynthia Toops

Polymer Micro Mosaics for Jewelry with Cynthia Toops
February 25-26, Sat-Sun, 10:00am-5:00pm
Class Fee: $285|Some materials included

Cynthia Toops is widely recognized for her remarkable artistry in polymer clay, most especially for her polymer clay mosaics. In this workshop students will learn her tricks and create incredible micro-mosaics of their own to use like gems in pendants, brooches, and/or rings. No previous polymer clay or metal working experiance is necessary for this exciting workshop.

Winter Class “Quickies”!

enamel bracelet

enamel bracelet

Low Tech Enameling with Allan Thorne
February 13, Monday, 6pm-9pm
Class Fee: $85|Basic Materials Included

Using a torch and a few simple tools, students will learn the basics of enameling in this exciting three-hour workshop. This is a great opportunity to learn how to add vibrant color to your copper and fine silver jewelry. Moderate comfort level with a jeweler’s torch is helpful.

This reticulated silver is ready to be made into jewelry!

This reticulated silver is ready to be made into jewelry!

Silver Reticulation with Juan Reyes
February 19, Sunday, 10:30 – 3:30
Class Fee: $95 | $25 Materials fee payable to instructor

First developed in Russia by Czarist jewelers such as Fabergé, reticulated silver will add exciting and unique 3-dimensional texture to your work. By carefully preparing the surface of the metal and heating with a focused yet delicate torch, this specialized technique reveals a mysterious lunar-like landscape within every piece of silver!

Keum-boo being added to the silver surface.

Keum-boo being added to the silver surface

Keum-Boo: Surface Treatment with Gold with Suz O’Dell
March 19, Sunday, 10:30 – 1:30
Class Fee: $75 | Materials Fee: $35 Payable to instructor, Materials list
In this workshop students will learn to add the luster of gold to their jewelry by applying 24K gold foil to fine silver. The result is dramatic, creating rich color and beautiful textural possibilities with minimal expense. All levels

But that’s just a sample of what we have going on for the next three months. Go check out our website at www.danacadesign.com for our full schedule!

To register for classes call us at 206-524-0916
stop by our location at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle WA

Featured Class: Filigree and Granulation

Examples of modern filigree

Examples of modern filigree


Starting September 16th local jewelry artist Jennifer Stenhouse will be teaching the Filigree and Granulation class. This class is an introduction to the techniques used to produce open and closed back filigree with granulation.The class meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm-9:30pm for four weeks. Plus you can come in during our practice hours between classes to practice what you are learning and have extra time with your projects.

Cuttack Tarkasi filigree pendant and earrings

Cuttack Tarkasi filigree pendant and earrings

Filigree is ancient ornamental metalworking technique dating back to 2500 B.C. that employs a frame filled with fine threads of twisted and curled wire, small grains or balls of metal that attach at points, creating a delicate open wire work structure that can be formed and shaped for jewelry and decorative accessories.

Etruscan ear stud

Etruscan ear stud

Granulation is also an ancient technique where the surface of a piece of jewelry is decorated of small spheres of precious metal or granules. The ancient Etruscans perfected the technique and are considered unrivaled masters to this day.

Filigree - 1

contemporary filigree necklace


Today filigree and granulation are still widely used jewelry making techniques and can range in styles from classic, to romantic, to modern. A truly flexible technique that is good for any jeweler to know.

Participants in this class will learn how to create patterns for a frame and fill the frames using various techniques from around the world. Demonstrations will include creating the frame, fill, and granulation; fusing and soldering for different styles; forming open wire work and closed back fret work with filigree on formed surfaces; and flash plating to hide solder seams.


Want to register for this class? call us at 206-524-0916 or stop by at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle 98105

For more information about all of our classes at Danaca Design check out our website www.danacadesign.com

Fall 2015 Class Highlights

The weather has gotten cooler, the pumpkin lattes are flowing…it must be fall. Which means new fall classes at Danaca Design! Our full schedule will be arriving on our website any day but in the meantime here are just some of the classes that are available for registration right now:


Lots of pointed stones by Kirk Lang

Lots of pointed stones by Kirk Lang

Pointed Stone Setting: Theory and Applications Part II
Instructor: Kirk Lang
November 7 and 8, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $295|Some materials included;materials list
Shed your apprehension and learn to set challenging shaped stones in this comprehensive, hands-on weekend with master stone-setter Kirk Lang. Building off, Faceted Stone Setting Theory and Applications: Part I, this more advanced level workshop will instruct students in how to confidently set faceted stones with pointed corners. Prerequisites: Basic jewelry fabrication skills and Theory and Application Part I or equivalent.


Chasing and Repoussé brooch by Megan Corwin

Chasing and Repoussé brooch by Megan Corwin

Chasing and Repousse: A Modern Approach with a Traditional Base
Instructor: Megan Corwin
November 13 – 15, Friday-Sunday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $450|$10 Materials Fee Payable to Instructor

This is a process oriented beginning class in which students will not only learn to use the tools for chasing and repoussé but will experiment with the extraordinary effects of these tools on sheet copper. Traditional lining and punching will be covered as well as refining techniques and everyone will have the opportunity to make one chasing tool. No experience necessary however returning students welcome.


Student using a smith little torch

Student using a smith little torch

Using the Smith Little Torch
Instructor: Micki Lippe
December 5, Saturday, 10:00 – 4:00
Class Fee: $95|Materials list

While there are several torch options, one of the most popular among bench jewelers is a mixed fuel, oxy-propane, and one of the best is the Smith “little-torch”. Micki Lippe, a seasoned professional, will show you why as she demonstrates the versatility and precision of this well-loved tool. Basic soldering experience required. 


The flexshaft, one of the most versatile tools at your bench.

The flexshaft: learn it and love it.

It Ain’t Just a Drill: Getting the Most From Your Flexible Shaft
Instructor: Andy Cooperman
December 19, Saturday, 10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $135|Tool kits available

So, you’re a jeweler or metalsmith about to be stranded on a desert island. You can bring only one tool. (Oh yeah, the island has electricity). What tool do you bring?
If you were Andy Cooperman you’d most likely bring your Flexible Shaft machine. It may be the most versatile tool at the bench. And yet for many makers it is the most underutilized and least understood. All levels.


Want to sign up for one of these great classes?

Call us at 206-524-0916 or stop by to register in person 5619 University Way NE, Seattle 98105 

Monday-Friday 11am-6pm & Sat 10am-6pm

And don’t forget to keep an eye on our website www.danacadesign.com for our complete fall schedule coming soon!

Jewelry Art Stimulus Scholarship

Brooch by Scholarship Recipient Michael Joers

Brooch by Scholarship Recipient Michael Joers

Did you know that Danaca Design Studio has a scholarship?

We are pleased to continue funding the Jewelry Art Stimulus Scholarship. We award several scholarships to high school and college students each year valued between $95 and $500 to be used towards a class or intensive series at Danaca Design Studio.

Embossed Silver Ring by Scholarship Recipient Michael Joers

Embossed Silver Ring by Scholarship Recipient Michael Joers

This scholarship was created to provide young students access to experience the magic of metal arts, frequently unavailable otherwise. We award this scholarship four times a year and the next deadline is coming up September 1st

Our most recent scholarship recipient, Michael Joers, just finished his class in our studio and here is what he had to say about his experience:

Pendant by Scholarship Recipient Michael Joers

Pendant by Scholarship Recipient Michael Joers

Receiving a scholarship from Danaca Design Studio has led to one of the best learning experiences I have ever had.  The application process was very straightforward.  Nancy was very quick with her responses and helped me get into the right class for my ambitions. I was lucky enough to be awarded the Total Immersion Class.  I have been making wood and wire jewelry on my own for about two years, but have not had the education or resources to work with metal in this capacity.  I learned so much more than I could have expected from this week-long intensive class.  My nine other classmates and I learned soldering, sawing, cutting, texturing, dapping, chain making, bezel setting stones, how to make band and shank rings, antiquing silver, how to make clasps for necklaces and bracelets, annealing, drilling, polishing, and how to make shepherds hook earrings.  I really enjoyed that the class was taught in a less formal way, it made for a more relaxed and inviting environment.  Dana was great to work with as she always made time to answer questions and problem solve with me when I got stuck on something.  The amount I learned has greatly raised the bar on what I am able to create and has allowed me to get that much closer to my goals as a jewelry maker. This experience has been truly invaluable to me, and I look forward to taking another class at Danaca Design Studio!”

Bezel Ring by Scholarship Recipient Michael Joers

Bezel Ring by Scholarship Recipient Michael Joers

Thanks Michael! You made some great jewelry and we look forward to seeing your how your work continues to grow in the future.

Do you know a young person who would benefit from this opportunity? Are you a student ages 16-24 actively enrolled in a high school or post-secondary institution in Washington State? We are taking applications now!

Our next deadline is September 1st. You can find an application here by clicking this link. Print and fill out hard copy and mail to:

Attention: Scholarship Committee
Danaca Design
5619 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
For complete information about scholorship and eligibility go to our website www.danacadesign.com

Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making

Which came first?

Which came first?

Next week (July 13-17th, Monday – Friday, 10:30am – 5pm) is our Total Immersion workshop. It is a week long summer camp for adults! 

During the year we offer a beginning workshop series: three weekend long workshops that teach the basics of jewelry making such as hollow construction, rings, bezel setting stones, creating chain, and much more. The Total Immersion workshop is all three of these classes in one. Haven’t taken one of our classes before? Don’t worry no previous experience is necessary. 

Immersion BEG  5

Necklace with bezel set stone

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of learning to work with precious metal: sawing, disc cutting and dapping, hammer texturing, roll printing, basic forming and finishing, as well as bezel setting stones. Students will make individualized jewelry pieces including a pin, pendent, ring and a simple linked project. Each night you’ll go home dreaming of what to create the next day, designing in your sleep. This class is an ideal opportunity to explore a range of techniques, in a condensed time, while creating several projects. We hope to see you in class!

For more information about this and all our other summer classes go to www.danacadesign.com

Meet April Keroack


Oh hi. Nice to meet you.


Hi! My name is April and I’m the new team member at Danaca Design. Not only will you find me in the store on Saturdays but I will also be contributing to this blog.

I have been making jewelry since 2011 and am the current treasurer of the Seattle Metals Guild. Currently finishing my BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts at the University of Washington, I have been concentrating on ceramic sculpture and am looking forward to graduating in June.


“Vernal Equinox”, brass, found button.

Here is just a little info about me:

How did I get into making jewelry?

When I returned to school in 2009 I was planning on majoring in engineering. Along the way I needed an art elective and took a class in jewelry design. I didn’t even realize that the class was about jewelry fabrication I just thought it looked fun. After that one class I decided to change to an art major and haven’t looked back since.


“Tide Pool”, ceramic, glass.


Why I work in a variety of mediums?

I like to use different mediums because I can use the best material for what I am trying to create. I started using ceramics at the UW in order to make large scale sculptures. I don’t enjoy sculpting large items out of metal; I prefer it on the jewelry scale! My ceramic sculptures are hand built and it is nice to just build with your bare hands. Lately I have been doing some monoprinting and I am taking a book arts class this winter which has been a lot of fun.


I painted this from a sketch by Rene Lalique. I’m going to make my own version one day.



What do I like to do when I am not making art?

Being a full time student I don’t get much free time but the little I have is spent with my family. My kids enjoy it when I play Minecraft with them and I like to knit.  So I guess I can’t get away from making things, even virtually.


I am excited to be working at Danaca Design. Come say hi to me on Saturdays where I would be happy to help you pick out a piece of jewelry, find the perfect class to take, or pick up some jewelry making supplies.aprilsig2

Turning it up to 11!

11-year imageTime flies when you’re having fun and my how it has flown.  Friday, December 5th I’m astounded (and excited) to be celebrating our 11th year in this great old building on University Avenue. What an adventure it’s been!

I the rented the space in July 2003, ran my first class in October and finally opened the gallery in December with a grand opening event. I remember that evening clearly, everyone asking, “where’s your jewelry work?” I had almost nothing on the shelves in the gallery but I looked around and indicated with my hands held out that this, the studio, was my work for the year! Today I’m happy to announce I have a quite a few pieces in the gallery, as well as a lovely studio:-).

Copper mesh and silver earrings by Dana Cassara

Copper mesh and silver earrings by Dana Cassara


Some years ago it became tradition to host the Student-Teacher Exhibition during the month of December and to schedule the opening reception to coincide with our anniversary party.  This is a wonderful event with friends and family of students, teachers and the studio crew. It is a night not to be missed if possible!

Turquoise and silver earrings by Lexi Lee

Turquoise and silver earrings by Lexi Lee

This year we have an incredible selection of fine jewelry made by students, many of whom are sharing and selling their work for the first time. And, although we are lucky enough to carry the work of quite a few of our teachers in the gallery on a regular basis, during this exhibition we have the opportunity to see some very special pieces. It is a great opportunity to support terrific teachers and superb students and pick up a one-of-a kind-piece of jewelry for yourself or someone you love.

Polymer bangles by Ekaterina Dickenson

Polymer bangles by Ekaterina Dickenson

Silver brooch by Megan Corwin.

Silver brooch by Megan Corwin.

Our event Friday night is 6:00pm – 9:30pm. Hope you can make it! If not, make an effort to swing by the gallery during regular business hours to see the show and pick-up something truly exceptional. The gallery is open Tuesday – Friday 11-6 and Saturdays 10-6.

Enameled Earrings by Linnie Kendrick

Enameled Earrings by Linnie Kendrick

Iron and silver pendant by David Tuthill

Iron and silver pendant by David Tuthill



Silver pendant by Linda Larsen

Silver pendant by Linda Larsen


Silver and fur brooch by Jean Shaffer

Silver and fur brooch by Jean Shaffer

For more info about the studio go to www.danacadesign.com

Happy Holidays!

Best, Dana

The Newest Thing in Plique a Jour – Epoxy!

Plique a Jour is an amazing and challenging enameling technique. Like cloisonné enamel it relies on making sections of enamel using thin silver or copper wire. Plique a Jour however has the added complication of having no back, allowing you to see through the enamel, no wonder Plique a Jour means Letting in daylight in french! The technique is beautiful in its affect but challenging in the process. It take lots of time and has a high failure rate.

A dragonfly Broach with Plique a Jour on the wings  Cira 1900

A dragonfly Broach with Plique a Jour on the wings
Cira 1900

Fortunately for us starting in September Nanz Aalund will be teaching a class that uses colored resin and epoxy to achieve an effect very much like Plique a Jour!

a Pair of Nanz Aalund earring showing off the Plique a Jour epoxy technique

a Pair of Nanz Aalund earrings showing off the Plique a Jour epoxy technique

Plique a Jour Epoxy

Instructor: Nanz Aalund

September 8, 15, 22, 29, 4 Monday nights, 6:30 – 9:30
Class Fee: $265 | Material fee: $25 payable to instructor


Learn the secrets of creating open bezels for resin in multiple geometric, organic, and freeform shapes. In this intermediate level workshop a variety of tools and techniques to maximize the potential of epoxy resin will be demonstrated and explored. *Students enrolled in multiple week classes are eligible and encouraged to work outside of class on class projects during Practice Hours. Independent soldering skills required.


Nanz Aalund has taught jewelry and metals classes at the University of Washington under Mary Lee Hu and at the Art Institute in Seattle. She has served as a fine jewelry designer and consultant for Nordstrom, Rudolf Erdel, Neiman Marcus, and Tiffany & Co. and as the associate editor for Art Jewelry Magazine. Some of Aalund’s many professional jewelry design awards include: 2009 Jewelry Arts Awards, an AGTA Spectrum Award, two Platinum Guild International Awards, and two DeBeers Diamond’s Today Awards.

If you’d like to sign up for this class give us a call at 206-524-0916.

We’re here 11-6 Tuesday-Friday and 10-6 on Saturday.

You can get more information on classes and what we do over at our website www.danacadesign.com

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