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Winter Class Schedule Preview

Hard to believe but this year is almost over! Why not add learning a new skill to your 2018 resolutions and take a jewelry class. Here’s preview of what is in store for winter but visit www.danacadesign.com for our complete schedule, expanded class descriptions, and materials list.

To register stop by our studio at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle or call us at 206-524-0916

Guest Instructor:

Mixed Metal Brooch by Keith Lewis

Just Hot Enough: Mixed Metal Surfaces

Instructor: Keith Lewis

February 17-19, Saturday – Monday, 10:00-5:00

Class Fee: $480|Some materials included

This workshop explores various ways of combining metals to create rich effects through experimentation with soldering, fusion, and inlay, further enhanced by rolling and roll-printing and the application of a series of simple patinas that enhance the contrast between metals. This is an intermediate class and basic metal working skills are required.

Featured Classes

Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making

Instructor: Dana Cassara

January 15-19, Monday-Friday, 10:00-5:00

$595|Basic Materials Included

What better way to kick off 2018 than spending a week making jewelry? The immersion workshop combines all three of our Beginning Jewelry Series workshops in to one week long jewelry making vacation. Each day you’ll go home thinking about what to make the next day! No experience necessary.

Chasing and Repousse: A Modern Approach with a Traditional Base

Instructor: Megan Corwin

February 2-4, Friday-Sunday, 10:00-5:00

Class Fee: $450|$10 fee pay to instructor

In this beginning class, students start by learning to use the pitch bowl and hammer to chase, defining, and texturing the front of a piece of sheet metal and repousse, forming from the back. Explore the great textures and forms made possible with this technique. No experience necessary.

Faceted Stone Setting Theory and Applications: Fancy Stones

Instructor: Kirk Lang

March 3-4, Saturday-Sunday, 10:00-5:00

Class Fee:$295|$95 materials fee pay to instructor

Learn to set challenging shaped stones in this hands on weekend workshop with master stone setter Kirk Lang. Building off of Faceted Stone Setting Theory and Applications: Round Stones, this more advanced workshop will teach students how to confidently set stones with pointed corners. Faceted Stone Setting Theory and Applications: Round Stones or equivalent experience required.

Fall Quickies

Precious Metal Clay Basics I

Instructor: Suzette O’Dell

January 13, Saturday, 10:30-5:00

Class Fee $95|$75 materials fee pay to instructor

Discover what can be made with Precious Metal Clay+ (PMC+), a marvelous material that can be worked just like clay but when fired becomes pure fine silver. PMC is a great alternative to casting and lots of fun too. No experience necessary.

Kiln Fire Enameling Basics I

Instructor: Linnie Kendrick

February 23, Friday, 10:30-5:00

Class Fee: $145|Basic Materials Included

Get a taste for the beauty of colored glass on metal. In this fast paced one day workshop students will be introduced to enameling with a kiln for optimum control over desired results. Learn how to apply richly colored opaque enamels onto flat and domed sheet metal. No experience necessary.

Silver Reticulation

Instructor: Juan Reyes

March 25, Sunday, 10:30-3:30

Class Fee:$95|$25 materials fee pay to instructor

First developed in Russia by Czarist jewelers such as Faberge, reticulated silver will add exciting and unique 3-dimensional texture to your work. By carefully preparing the surface of the metal and heating with a focused yet delicate torch, this specialized technique reveals a mysterious lunar like landscape within every piece of silver. Moderate comfort level with a jeweler’s torch is helpful.

Classes for Newbies

New to metalsmithing and don’t know where to start? These classes are great for those with no experience or those who want to sharpen their skills.

Which came first?

Beginning Jewelry Series: Introduction

Instructor: Dana Cassara

January 27-28, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-5:00

$295|Basic materials included

This workshop is an introduction to the fundamental aspects of silversmithing. Explore jewelry design while learning all the valuable basics: to saw, file, texture, form, and solder nonferrous metals like copper, brass, and silver. No experience necessary


Beginning Jewelry Series: Rings

Instructor: Dana Cassara

February 10-11, Saturday-Sunday, 10:00-5:00

 $295|Basic materials included

Another class in our Beginning Workshop series focuses on the basic construction of fabricated rings, with and without stones. Each student will construct a simple, textured band ring as well as a ring with a bezel set stone. No experience necessary


Whew! We have a lot going on this winter…and that’s just the half of it. To get our complete schedule and full information on all of our classes go to our website www.danacadesign.com

To register call us at 206-524-0916 or stop by our location at 5619 University Way NE, Seattle. We are open Monday-Friday 11-6 and Saturday 10-6

The Wonders of Winter Workshops!

Haven’t had a chance to check out our new Winter Schedule yet? Here’s your chance to get some highlights!


Stone Setting Clinic


Instructor: Kirk Lang

January 5, February 2, March 2

1st Monday of each month, 6:00 – 9:00

Class Fee: $135 or drop-in $60/night

Stone setting can be challenging sometimes.  Don’t let intimidation prevent you from getting better at it; come get some help from the stone setting doctor!  Professional stone setter Kirk Lang will guide you through your particular challenges.  Drop-in or register for all three nights for a substantial discount. Basic Jewelry making and stone setting experience required. 


Polymer Micro Mosaics for Jewelry


Instructor: Cynthia Toops

January 10 and 11, Sat & Sun, 10:00 – 5:00

Class Fee: $275|Some materials included

Cynthis Toops is widely recognized for her remarkable artistry in polymer clay, probably most significantly for her polymer clay mosaics.  In this workshop students will learn her tricks and create incredible micro-mosaics of their own to use like gems in pendants, brooches and/or rings.  No experience necessary.  Details online.


Survey of Stone Setting


Instructor: Jennifer Stenhouse

January 21, 28, and February 4, 11, 18, 25

6 Wednesday nights, 6:30-9:30

Class Fee: $275 | Materials list

This fast-paced, primarily demonstration style course will introduce students to a wide variety of stone setting techniques including a basic bezel for cabochons; prong and flush settings for faceted stones; pedestal settings; tube, post, and bar settings for multiple stones; capture sets; and more.  All levels, basic metal working helpful.  *Students enrolled in this class are eligible to attend Practice Hours.  Details online.


Let’s Make a Spoon!








Instructor: Bill Dawson

February 1, Sunday, 10:30-5:00

Class Fee: $95 | Basic materials included

Create a one of-a-kind small serving, baby, table, or commemorative spoon; it’s not as complicated as you might think!  Spoons are a great gift idea and a marvelous opportunity to explore forging metal to create something other than jewelry.  Copper will be provided however students are welcome to work in silver.  No experience necessary.  Details online.


Chasing and Repoussé: Introduction Workshop


Instructor: Megan Corwin

February 6-8, Three days, Fri- Sun, 10:30-5:00

Class Fee: $350|$25 fee payable to instructor

This class will introduce students to the wonderful results possible with chasing and repoussé in pitch.  Since the Bronze Age, these techniques have been used to create refined and expressive detail bringing metal objects to life with three-dimensional ornamentation.  Students will be able to complete a simple piece and explore a variety of tools and basic tool making.  No experience necessary. 


Beginning Jewelry Series: Rings


Instructor: Dana Cassara

February 14 and 15, Sat & Sun 10:30 – 5:00

Class Fee: $265|Basic materials included

This Beginning Series class focuses on the basic construction of fabricated rings, with and without stones. Each student will construct a simple band ring as well as a ring with a bezel-set stone.  No experience necessary.


Kiln Fire Enameling Basics 


Instructor:  Linnie Kendrick

February 21, Saturday, 10:30 – 5:00

Class Fee: $135|Basic materials included

Get a taste for the timeless beauty of glass on metal in this fast-paced one-day workshop.  Using a kiln for optimum control, students will learn the basics of enameling to create results that are refined or unexpected, allowing the interaction of enamels and kiln to surprise and delight.  No experience necessary.


Kiln Fire Enameling Basics II

Instructor: Linnie Kendrick

February 22, Sunday, 10:30 – 5:00

Class Fee: $135|Basic materials included

If the first class left you inspired yet out of time, this is the class for you.  Refine what you’ve learned and explore new possibilities by adding transparent enamels to your palette, special effects with glass shards and beads and rubber stamp images.  Prerequisite: Kiln Fire Enameling Basics I or equivalent.  Details online.




Surface Treatment with Gold

Instructor:  Suz O’Dell

March 1, Sunday, 10:30 – 1:30

Class Fee: $65 | $35 fee Payable to instructor

In this workshop students will learn to add the luster of gold to their jewelry by applying 24K gold foil to fine silver.  The result is dramatic, creating rich color and beautiful textural possibilities with minimal expense.  All levels.  Details online.


Cold Connections: Beyond Rivets


Instructor: Kirk Lang

March 28 and 29, Sat & Sun, 10:30 – 5:00

Class Fee: $265|Basic materials included

Learn a fast, clean, and durable way of joining two pieces of metal together. This must-have workshop will teach you how to create an exciting variety of rivets, to use micro tap and dies to create custom nuts and bolts and lastly, to utilize small tabs to fold over and attach one piece of metal to another.  Learn to truly marry form and function while designing a piece of jewelry or other articulated object utilizing these techniques.  Basic jewelry making skills helpful, soldering not necessary.  Details online.