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Basic Band Ring

The construction of a basic band ring is simple yet challenging. The ring must fit, be comfortable and of course beautiful! This quick ring class will focus on the construction of a basic fabricated band ring. Each student will leave class with a simple yet well-made and lovely ring to show off. No experience necessary. More details...

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Total Immersion: Beginning Jewelry Making

What could be more fun than spending a week totally immersed in learning to make jewelry? Absolutely nothing. In this beginning silversmithing class, using copper, brass and sterling silver, students will make several individualized jewelry pieces. Each night you'll go home dreaming of what to create the next day, designing in your sleep! Absolutely no experience needed. More details...

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Enameling Recycled Steel for Jewelry

Are you the magpie always collecting bits of rusty steel on the street? Are there bits of magnetic metal in your studio that you've tucked away, swearing that one day you'll clean them up to make a masterpiece? Enamelling is a great way to protect jewellery made from mild steel and is so easy to master. Some jewelry making and enameling experience helpful. More details...

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Jewelry Summer Camp for Kids 8-12

Looking for a great activity for your 3rd - 6th grader this summer? Check out the Danaca Design jewelry camp! This week-long camp teaches cool jewelry-making techniques such as bead making and stringing, wire working, texturing, stamping, and riveting metal! No experience necessary, returning students welcome. More details...

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Stacking Rings with Gemstones

Stacking rings are all the rage. They are fun to mix and match and super easy to make! This class will focus on creating your own delicate stacking rings with sparkling gemstones. Students will learn to size, solder, and tube-set a faceted stone! Everyone will make several rings made from brass, sterling silver and gold fill. Very basic metalworking skills required. More details...

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Anticlastic Forming in Metal

  • Instructor: Bill Dawson
  • July 29 - 31, Friday - Sunday, Three days, 10:30 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $360 | Materials Included (tool kits available for purchase, $375)

Anticlastic raising lends itself to creating exceptionally strong, flexible, lightweight, and organic-looking forms in metal. Focusing on "open" or "mono-shell" forms made from a single piece of thin sheet metal students will create, with hammers and stakes, striking dimensional shapes that curve in opposite directions. Some facility with a hammer like "fold-forming" will be helpful. More details...

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Low Tech Gravity Casting

Learn the fundamentals of casting by exploring the ancient technique of pouring molten metal directly into molds carved or formed from organic materials, soft stone and other surprising materials. This process does not require any major equipment so it is easily reproduced in a home studio or in your back yard! No experience necessary. More details...

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Chasing and Repoussé – A Modern Approach with a Traditional Base

  • Instructor: Megan Corwin
  • August 5 - 7, Friday-Sunday, 10:00 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $450 | $10 Materials Fee Payable to Instructor

This is a process oriented beginning class in which students will not only learn to use the tools for chasing and repoussé but will experiment with the extraordinary effects of these tools on sheet copper. Traditional lining and punching will be covered as well as refining techniques and everyone will have the opportunity to make one chasing tool. No experience necessary, returning students welcome. More details...

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Riveting Basics

Basic riveting is a fun and a simple way to connect metal to metal and/or metal to non-metal or even non-metal to non-metal! A new world of possibilities opens up to a jewelry designer when heat is taken out of the equation. This will be a fast paced, exciting class focused on designing, problem solving, practicing and producing work without soldering. No experience necessary. More details...

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Patination of Metals

Patina is the final touch, the icing on the cake, the surface that sets one apart from the crowd; it can add both depth and texture transforming our metal, often unpredictably, into an unimaginably beautiful thing. Charles will present safe, easy patination methods for metals that involve easily obtainable (think kitchen chemicals) to produce a wide range of blues, greens, browns, blacks, greys and reddish tones on most metals including precious. No experience required. More details...

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Unique Settings for Stones and Found Objects

Break away from the ordinary bezel and explore simple yet uncommon and fabulous holding systems for cabochons, large faceted stones, enamels and interesting found objects. The focus of this class will be on choosing the right setting for the piece, soldering and valuable construction tricks like how to hold work together while creating these unique settings! Basic metal working experience required. More details...

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Filigree Techniques

  • Instructor: Peggy Foy
  • September 17 and 18, Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $275 | $20 Materials Fee Payable to Instructor

Learn to create ornate, fine wirework and improve your soldering skills! Filigree jewelry has a long history and is made all over the world, from Thailand to Norway. In this class, you will learn how to make these graceful and intricate pieces yourself. This is an intermediate-level course; some experience with soldering is required. More details...

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Advanced Wax Working with a Focus on Stone Setting

There are many simple approaches to designing and working in wax, truthfully anyone can carve wax. However few can do it with precision and efficiency. Challenge yourself to improve your skills in wax by tackling complex designs and patterns while incorporating stones as either a focus or accent component. Basic wax working skill required. More details...

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Polymer Clay Jewelry Intensive: Seven Bead Bracelet

Explore the wide variety of possibilities in polymer clay for jewelry while focusing on seven unusual beads for a comprehensive sampler bracelet. In this intensive weekend workshop students will investigate various bead shapes and a host of technical approaches. Cynthia is masterful with polymer clay and brings a creative edge to everything she does. No experience necessary, returning students welcome. More details...

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Mentored Independent Study

  • Tuesday EVENING: 6:00 - 9:00
  • July 5 - August 23, September 13 - 27
  • Instructor: Juan Reyes
  • Thursday MORNING: 10:00 - 1:00
  • July 7 - August 25, September 15 - 29
  • Instructor: Dana Cassara
  • (No class July 14 and no classes August 27 - September 12)
  • Class fees:
  • 3 weeks = $115; 4 weeks = $145; 5 weeks = $180; 6 weeks = $215;
  • Drop-in = $20/hour; Punch cards = $150/12 hours
  • *Prepaid, consecutive week students have access to Practice Hours!
  • Materials are not included:
  • Students are required to bring project materials such as metal, saw blades, drill bits, sandpaper, and solder. Flux is provided.

Tackle a wide range of projects with instructor guidance in an on-going class developed for independent study-students. Use class time to game-plan, problem-solve or just work in the studio taking advantage of the space and equipment. This is an excellent opportunity to explore challenging projects that you want feedback on or need technical advice to execute. Demonstrations are tailored specifically to the current class needs. Register for 3 - 6 weeks for a discounted rate; drop-ins are also welcome. Classes are offered both mornings and evenings. Basic metalworking skills required. Students enrolled in multiple week classes are eligible, and encouraged, to work outside of class on class projects during Practice Hours; there is no additional charge to attend. More details...

Students MUST Bring:

  • All consumable materials including metal, saw blades, drill bits, sandpaper and solder.
  • Projects to work on!

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Students enrolled in multiple week classed are eligible and encouraged to work outside of class on class projects during Practice Hours. There is no additional charge to attend.

Practice Hours: Sundays and Thursdays, 5-9. Tuesdays, 10-2

(No practice hours July 12th)

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