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Soldering Essentials

Whether you've had a soldering class, attempted to learn from a book, or never even tried, if you are looking to learn how to silver-solder or just get better at it, this class is for you. Expect lots of hands-on time at the soldering table and practice with different torches. No experience necessary. More details...

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Jewelry Making Basics with Wire

In this fun introductory class, students will learn the essentials of soldering and making jewelry with wire - a perfect class to create gifts for family and friends, or even start a little business. The techniques covered in class can be continued at home with a simple setup. No experience necessary. More details...

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Jewelry Summer Camp for Kids 8-12

Looking for a great activity for your 3rd - 6th grader this summer? Check out the Danaca Design jewelry camp! This week-long camp teaches cool jewelry-making techniques such as bead making and stringing, wire working, texturing, stamping, and riveting metal! No experiences necessary, returning students welcome. More details...

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Fold-Forming with the Master

This workshop delivers more folds in one-day than you can possibly imagine! You will learn to make folds in each of the main categories. Master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain has trained, studied and worked in Germany, Canada and the United States to learn the skills he uses. You know that Fold Forming book you love? He wrote it! All Levels. More details...

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Keum-Boo: Surface Treatment with Gold

  • Instructor: Suz O'Dell
  • July 22, Sunday, 10:30 - 1:30
  • Class Fee: $75 | Materials Fee: $35 Payable to instructor

In this workshop students will learn to add the luster of gold to their jewelry by applying 24K gold foil to fine silver. The result is dramatic, creating rich color and beautiful textural possibilities with minimal expense. All levels. More details...

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Cold Connections: Beyond Rivets

Learn a fast, clean, and durable way of joining two pieces of metal together. This must-have workshop will teach you how to create an exciting variety of rivets, to use micro tap and dies to create custom nuts and bolts and lastly, to utilize small tabs to fold over and attach one piece of metal to another. Learn to truly marry form and function while designing a piece of jewelry or other articulated object utilizing these techniques. Basic jewelry making skills helpful, soldering not necessary. More details...

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Total Immersion: Intermediate Jewelry Making

What could be more fun than making jewelry for an entire week? Nothing! Join me on this five day journey aimed at increasing your confidence and knowledge at the jeweler's bench. We will focus heavily on construction and soldering tricks as well as finishing techniques to create desired surfaces. Prerequisites: beginning jewelry making. More details...

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Low Tech Gravity Casting

Learn the fundamentals of casting by exploring the ancient technique of pouring molten metal directly into molds carved or formed from organic materials, soft stone and other surprising materials. This process does not require any major equipment so it is easily reproduced in a home studio or in your back yard! No experience necessary. More details...

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Etching Metal

  • Instructor: Jessie Wylie
  • August 11, Saturday, 10:00 - 4:00
  • Class Fee: $145 | Materials Fee: $35 Payable to instructor

See an image or pattern come to life in brass and copper through the acid etching process. This technique is excellent for creating exclusive textures on copper and brass sheet which can be cut and incorporated into jewelry, enameled or used as rolling mill templates to emboss precious metals and even paper! All levels. More details...

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Working with Gold-Filled Basics

This 1-day weekend workshop will focus on an introduction to essential jewelry and metalsmithing techniques, tools, and design used to create jewelry using gold-filled wire. Project demos will include making gold-fill rings, making flux paste for gold & gold-fill, and using small tube settings. Basic metal working skills required. More details...

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Image & Mark Making in Enamel

  • Instructor: Jan Smith
  • August 17-19, three days, Friday - Sunday 10:00 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $495 | Some Materials Included, Materials list

This workshop focuses on ways to achieve images and marks in vitreous enamel to create unusual and complex surfaces. A unique variety of enamel techniques including sifting, sgraffito, stencils, ceramic oxides, overglaze/china paints, underglaze pencils and other experimental techniques will be demonstrated. Basic enameling experience preferred. More details...

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A Feast of Textures with Chasing and Repousse

  • Instructor: Megan Corwin
  • August 24-26, three days, Friday-Sunday, 10:00 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $480 | $10 Materials Fee Payable to Instructor

Come join Megan Corwin in exploring the great textures and forms possible with the techniques of chasing and repousse. In this beginning class traditional lining and punching will be covered as well as refining techniques and everyone will have the opportunity to make at least one chasing tool! No experience necessary. More details...

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Rings, Rings, RINGS!

Rings hold a special place in the lexicon of jewelry and pretty much everyone loves them. In this three-day beginner's workshop we will explore the basic construction of band rings, stacking rings, and rings with both bezel set cabochons and tube set faceted stones. See what I mean? Ring, rings RINGS! No experience necessary. Returning students welcome! More details...

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Wax Working for Jewelers

Lost wax casting is widely used today for mass producing jewelry and jewelry components but it is also perfect for creating unique one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Learn the fundamentals and some good tricks for designing and creating wax models for casting in this comprehensive workshop. Projects will include pendants, rings and charms. No experience necessary, however returning students are welcome.

*Students enrolled in multiple week classes are eligible and encouraged to work outside of class on class projects during Practice Hours. More details...

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Filigree Techniques

  • Instructor: Peggy Foy
  • September 22 and 23, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 - 5:00
  • Class Fee: $295 | $20 kit fee payable to instructor; Materials List

Learn to create ornate, fine wirework and improve your soldering skills! Filigree jewelry has a long history and is made all over the world, from Thailand to Norway. In this class, you will learn how to make these graceful and intricate pieces yourself. This is an intermediate-level course; some experience with soldering is required. More details...

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Beginning Jewelry Series: Introduction

This Beginning Series Workshop is an ideal introduction to the fundamental aspects of silversmithing. Explore jewelry design while learning all the valuable basics: to saw, file, texture, form and solder nonferrous metals like copper, brass, and silver. No experience necessary. More details...

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On Going!

Mentored Independent Study

  • Tuesday EVENING: 6:00 - 9:00
  • July 10 - September 25
  • Instructor: Juan Reyes
  • Thursday MORNING: 10:00 - 1:00
  • July 12 - September 27 (no class 8/2)
  • Instructor: Dana Cassara
  • Class fees:
  • 3 weeks = $115; 4 weeks = $145; 5 weeks = $180; 6 weeks = $215;
  • Drop-in = $20/hour; Punch cards = $150/12 hours
  • Materials are not included:
  • Students are required to bring project materials such as metal, saw blades, drill bits, sandpaper, and solder. Flux is provided.

Join a mentored independent study group to learn new skills in a consistently supportive environment. With instructor guidance, these on-going classes allow independent study students to explore a wide range of projects. Register for 3 - 6 weeks for a discounted rate; drop-in also welcome. Classes are offered both mornings and evenings. Basic metal working skills required. More details...

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*Prepaid, consecutive week students have access to Practice Hours! DROP-IN STUDENTS AND PUNCH CARD HOLDERS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO PRACTICE HOURS PRACTICE HOURS: Students enrolled in multiple week classes are eligible and encouraged to work outside of class on class projects during Practice Hours. There is no additional charge to attend.

Practice Hours: Sundays and Thursdays, 5-9. Tuesdays, 10-2

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